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If you would like to donate to the church through our SAG program (Automatic Debit), its quite simple and easy to do.  Fill out the form to your right, sign it, and bring in a voided cheque to the Parish Office.  This can be done in person or through a scan to Forms can also be picked up at the Church.

Details & Authorization


I, the Payor, authorize the parish listed, and the financial institution designated on the attached void cheque to begin deductions on or around the 15th of each month in the amount of

□ $130.00 (equivalent of $30. wk)

□ $86.67 (equivalent of $20. wk)

□ $65.00 (equivalent of $15. wk)

□ $43.33 (equivalent of $10. wk)

□ Other monthly amount $ ______


I understand that my participation in this agreement does not include any special collections such as Building Collections and Pilgrimage of Faith.


I understand that the Roman Catholic Bishop of Nelson will administer this Pre-authorized Debit Agreement.



Donor / Account Holder:




Envelope Number: _____________________


Address: _____________________________


City: _________________________________


Province: _____________________________


Postal Code: ___________________________


Phone Number: ________________________


The donor is  (check one):

□  An Individual        □   a Business


Signature of Account Holder:






Date:  _________________________________



Signature of Joint Account Holder (if applicable):




Name: _________________________________

Date:   _________________________________

Please print clearly and attach a void cheque and bring to the Parish Office.

I am a member of

Holy Trinity Parish

2012 3rd Avenue

V1R 1R7

Be Inspired

Donations can be given by Sunday Collection, dropped off at the church, mailed or by Automatic Debit  from your Bank Account.

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